4004R Suppression Releasing Panel for Automatic Extinguishing, Deluge and Preaction Sprinkler Control - Simplex
4,571.00 QR 4,571.00 QR 4571.0 QAR
Basic Releasing Panel; operates with AC input of: 120/220/230/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-select); includes: four IDCs, two NACs, two SPMs, two RACs, 3 auxiliary relays, 3 A power supply with battery charger, and NEMA 1/IP30 rated cabinet and door - Simplex
Conventional Multi Detector - Simplex
329.00 QR 329.00 QR 329.0 QAR
TrueAlarm photoelectric detector with TrueSense photoelectric/thermal detection
Duct Smoke Sensor Housing with Photoelectric Sensor - Simplex
686.00 QR 686.00 QR 686.0 QAR
Basic Duct Sensor Housing; operating power is supplied by either IDNet or MAPNET II communications (no relay output)
Heat Sensor - Simplex
180.00 QR 180.00 QR 180.0 QAR
return analog temperature readings to the fire alarm control unit for evaluation
Multi-Candela TrueAlert A/Vs with horn and synchronized strobe - Simplex
256.00 QR 256.00 QR 256.0 QAR
Wall Mount Horn with Multi-Candela Strobe; strobe intensity selectable as : 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela; operates with SmartSync two-wire control
Photoelectric Smoke Sensor - Simplex
210.00 QR 210.00 QR 210.0 QAR